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Kirby (カービィ - Kābii)©

Kirby is a pink ball with rosy cheeks and big red feet. His small size doesn't stop him from having great adventures!

8 things you should know about Kirby:

  1. Kirby lives in Dream Land on the planet Popstar. It's a beautiful place with lots of lush grass, and quiet spots where Kirby can take a nap
  2. Kirby is a friendly boss. He greets everyone he meets and is known for his cheerful, positive attitude.

  3. When Kirby isn't busy saving Dream Land, he prefers to spend his time sleeping and – most importantly – eating. He can eat more than you might think!

  4. Kirby can swallow enemies to take over their abilities. He can use many special powers, for example Ice, Beam and Ninja!

  5. Sometimes Kirby can transform into cool vehicles, such as a tank, submarine, or even a rocket! By changing shapes Kirby can attack his enemies in new ways, such as with missiles and torpedoes.

  6. King Dedede rules Dream Land. You can recognize him by his royal crown and the huge mallet he carries. Driven by his greedy and selfish nature, he often plays nasty tricks - which regularly brings him into conflict with Kirby. 


  7. With his metal mask, golden sword and big wings, Meta Knight is a very cool knight - but also a rival to Kirby! Often Kirby must defeat him to succeed in his mission! 


  8. Waddle Dee's appear in many of Kirby's adventures. Sometimes they are in the background, but they can also serve as Kirby's sidekicks. 


Bron: Nintendo™ 


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